iNEEDa Dentist


Independent dental comparison site iNEEDa Dentist needed help launching its innovative business to help bring transparency and trust to a unique and sometimes confusing industry, and help to improve Australia’s woeful dental health statistics.


Pure Public Relations provided strategic advice on the positioning of the business to pique interest from consumers without alienating the dentists needed to join the directory on the site.

We’ve worked across a number of areas of the launch, including media relations and content creation, including writing scripts for video and content for the website.

It’s a pleasure working with passionate and skilled entrepreneurs who truly want to make a difference to the Australian population.


Total Media Clips: More than 70 clips. With each piece of media coverage the website has shown a significant spike in traffic, an increase in consumer sign-ups, and dentist membership.

In the space of three months, iNEEDa Dentist was featured in:

  • Sky Business News
  • Fairfax syndicated nationally
  • News Corp syndicated nationally
  • Bite Magazine
  • Lifehacker
  • Parenting publications
  • The Retailer
  • The Carousel
  • Your Life Choices
  • Wellness Daily
  • Various business publications
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