Prime Group


Prime Group is a national professional cleaning company whose objective is to provide Australian businesses with a personalised cleaning service, to deliver exceptional outcomes.


Prime Group wanted more exposure about its services, particularly in a Covid-19 related context, to enhance its reputation, to boost business and to give the community assurance that Covid-affected sites were being professionally cleaned to incredibly high standards.   

Pure Public Relations devised and pitched a media release around a Victorian Government rebate available to eligible businesses for cleaning costs, targeting business and industry media.  

During the Sydney lockdown, with vaccines dominating the news cycle, Pure Public Relations devised a media pitch around cleaners, as frontline workers, not being eligible for the vaccine despite the fact they were cleaning Covid-infected sites.  Appealing to the human face of the pandemic, we highlighted the selfless care cleaners took to protect the community with their critical work. 

In both instances, Prime Group was positioned as the authority on professional deep impact cleans. 


Our results for Victoria included business publications including: 

  • 3AW
  • Dynamic Business
  • News Company 
  • Retailbiz

On the vaccine pitch, we gained coverage in two national publications, both of them emphasising Prime Group’s expertise, reliability and experience along with showing the human and heroic side of cleaners, with stories in: 

  • The Daily Mail
  • ABC News online.  

Audience reach was significant, with a total of more than one million readers and listeners combined.

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