How media coverage can benefit your business

Positive media coverage is a powerful marketing tool because it positions you or your business in a favourable light by projecting the credibility, expertise, passion, and image you want to convey. Best of all, it comes from an independent source and the only cost is the time it takes to organise.

Have you or has your organisation ever featured in the media? What about your competitors? What influence did the coverage have on people’s perception of the organisation?

Securing positive media coverage is an excellent way to establish credibility. An article in which you are positioned as a key opinion leader on a relevant issue can ultimately turn your potential customers and stakeholders into advocates of your cause, whatever it may be.

What media coverage says about you or your organisation

If your organisation or business is mentioned in a respected media outlet that targets your ideal clients, it will have a much greater impact on your reputation than an advertisement in the same environment. This is because it is far more credible to people when an independent third party says good things about your business than if you say it about yourself.

When potential customers see the coverage, they generally think: “This media outlet, which understands my interests, has sought this organisation out for their opinion, advice and expertise. They could have chosen someone else in the field but they chose them.” The result is that you stand out.

Maximising your media coverage

A common mistake organisations make after receiving positive media coverage is to bask in the glory for a little while and then let it fade. If you do nothing with the coverage, you’ve missed a trick to rise above others in today’s highly competitive world.

To maximise the impact of positive media coverage, be sure to use social media platforms and more traditional forms of marketing to extend its life.

As an example, we recently secured some great media coverage for one of our not-for-profit clients. They were promoted on television, radio, newspapers, online news sites, newsletters, blogs and magazines. With so much amazing coverage, many organisations would’ve believed that was enough, but it didn’t stop there.

An example of how one of our clients, the International Institute of Home Staging, are using media coverage we have secured for them to promote their business.

An example of how one of our clients, the International Institute of Home Staging, are using media coverage we have secured for them to promote their business.

The organisation took the opportunity to maximise the benefits of the coverage by sharing it online (through its e-newsletter, website and all social media platforms) to increase the reach tenfold. They also shared snippets of the coverage directly with its key members and donors and potential sponsors. This demonstrated the not-for-profit’s progress and momentum, ultimately bolstering donor advocacy.

Combining media coverage with your marketing

In addition to multiplying positive media coverage through other channels, you can also use coverage in other areas. Here are some ideas:

On your website: Have a repository of media coverage on your website so anyone who digs around for more detail can check it out. Scan print coverage and link websites and video/audio content where possible. If the coverage is behind a paywall, ask the media organisation for permission to republish relevant parts. If you have a few prestigious outlets under your belt, host a section on your home page that says: “As seen in…” with the logos or names of the outlets.

On your advertising: If an expert or a journalist has said something positive about you, your product or service, ask permission to use a quote on your advertising material or packaging. Books often have cover quotes, and theatre posters use selections from reviews to promote a show: you can do something similar.

On your collateral: Having a link to the coverage in your email signature—“Featured in…”—is unobtrusive but could prove helpful, for example, if you’re approaching a new client who wants to do some research on you. If you’re regularly featured, consider including a line or two and the media outlet’s logo on your business card.

Good media coverage is a precious event, but think of it as just the beginning of the promotional cycle. Use the momentum of positive media coverage to not only extend its reach but also extend its longevity and it will pay dividends for your brand for a while yet.

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  1. There are many studies that show companies who are advertising regularly and they can afford good media coverage are better placed to sell more products. People feel like they know the company if they keep seeing it on the TV, Newspapers or on other websites. So, your company gets a recommendation from the brain of your audience. Nice article, thanks.

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