Creating preference
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Public relations is not just for politicians and businesses, it’s a tool that can help the education sector earn (and rebuild) the trust and attention it deserves. Read More

A PR Agency That Understands Schools

When used in the right way, school PR has the power to boost an education provider’s brand, build trust in the local community, and reassure families that they are making/have made the right decision in choosing the school/college.

It can also complement and build on existing marketing campaigns, create content for a school’s website and social platforms, and can also lead to further media coverage and increased consumer awareness. Ensuring your brand awareness is maximised and taking care of your reputation is key to new enrolments and ongoing trust with existing families.

Benefits of Good School PR

At Pure Public Relations, we work with schools, edtech companies, education consultants, school psychologists, and those who focus on student wellbeing.

What can expertly handled school PR do for you? School publicity can result in a domino effect, where good coverage keeps the momentum rolling, so that more and more people become aware of your school and its benefits.

What does the school or college want to be known for? Its superior sporting facilities and achievements? Its pastoral care? Its award-winning STEM programs? Its diverse and inclusive faculty and student body? Make your PR relevant to that focus.

For example, it makes no sense for a sports high school spokesperson to dwell on the cake stall fundraiser that helped the campus afford a new basketball court without emphasising the benefits of the facility and how it will support the students, present and future.

When used right, media coverage can:

  • boost an education provider’s brand
  • build trust in the local community
  • reassure families that they are making/have made the right decision in choosing the education provider
  • complement and build on existing marketing campaigns
  • create content for website and social platforms
  • lead to further media coverage and consumer awareness.

Reputation Management PR for Schools

Raising awareness is only one part of PR. PR is also about reputation management, and for that you need to build a foundation of trust. Trust doesn’t come from a single piece of positive media coverage, it’s an ongoing process that cumulatively builds a good impression. Consistent validation not only tells stakeholders about how great the school is, it shows them. Not doing anything with the coverage is a missed opportunity to maximise brand awareness and maintain a good reputation so you can foster new enrolments and ongoing trust with existing students’ families. Read Less

Pure Public Relations are experts in school PR understanding the unique needs of schools. We have extensive experience keeping schools both in and out of the headlines.



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Working with you, Phoebe, and the team at Pure Public Relations has been such an honour. You have expertly distilled our most important messages and packaged them into news-ready narratives. We've been able to focus on our mission while you help us tell the story of change. Thank you for having us in safe hands. You really are masters of your craft.

Megan Gilmour

CEO, MissingSchool

Pure Public Relations helped us be competitive by providing us with the PR coverage, depth and impact we needed to expand into new territories and raise our profile nationally. Pure PR’s ideas and skilful execution is priceless and you really want them on your team because they can deliver both.

Dion Castle

CEO, Stuber

Pure Public Relations is a highly professional PR firm and has acted as a true partner with us on PR activities for the last 6 months. Phoebe Netto and her team have been faultless: extremely committed and focused on our specific needs, delivering results fast. They clearly understand how to work with small business and have been very patient with our demands and timelines. They continuously explore new and innovative ways to feature our product and have been instrumental in assisting us in quickly building our profile across various audiences in the Australian market. We have enjoyed working with the team immensely and cannot thank them enough for their commitment and support to our cause.

Tammy Anson

CMO, pixevety

Our industry body engaged Pure Public Relations a couple of years ago to assist with our media releases and to lift our media profile and broaden our reach and influence on issues impacting our member small businesses. Phoebe Netto and her team at Pure PR have achieved this and so much more for us! Not only have they assisted us to get considerably more media coverage for our organisation on a wide range of issues, they have also helped to build the professional profile of senior staff and they have also assisted us to directly improve our overall communications capacity.

Ben Kearney


It's be an absolute pleasure working with Pure Public Relations, I couldn't recommend Phoebe and her team enough! It's been great to have Phoebe and her team to bounce ideas off and work collaboratively together to gain further exposure for our brand. The team at PPR have always been fantastic at keeping me in the loop of their efforts and it's been a pleasure working alongside each other in our PR efforts!

Milena Serafimovsi

PR Manager at King Kong

Pure Public Relations cared and understood the issue - which was hugely important. They invested in our vision and mission, and listened to our restraints and worked within those. I could not recommend them more highly for both NFP and other organisations. I look forward to continuing to work with them.

Zoe Robinson

CEO of Yfoundations

Phoebe is an excellent, industrious and organised PR consultant. Phoebe has been instrumental in garnering PR for the toy and game expo since inception. For the last years Phoebe has successfully attracted the Today Show weather crosses to the Expo. Phoebe is energetic and committed and a great asset to any organisation seeking to improve their PR. In fact engaging Phoebe is just plain Good Business!

Steve Rojan-Jones

co-convenor of the Toy and Game Expo

We engaged Pure Public Relations to help get some media exposure for our early stage startup. The results speak for themselves, after receiving national media exposure in Fairfax papers along with a number of other credible media outlets that brought targeted traffic to our website, kick-started membership signups, and filled our pipeline with leads. Phoebe Netto and her team have been a real asset!

Chris Bates

Wellone Pty Ltd

Not long after engaging them we had to undertake an intensive national advocacy and public relations campaign to successfully see through amendments to federal legislation that had the potential if not addressed to disrupt our whole industry. Pure Public Relations worked above and beyond on this campaign with us, sometimes dealing with crisis management on particular contested issues and addressing issues early and late in the day and in different time zones like they were a dedicated part of our team. We achieved an incredible outcome for a small organisation as a result. This is how we see Pure PR now, they are part of our team, and a critical part that we rely on and which we really value.

Ben Kearney


We cannot thank Phoebe and her amazing team enough for all their efforts and for giving our business direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Pure Public Relations to any business wanting to improve and grow their business.

Alisa Fraser

Alisa & Lysandra Collections

Phoebe provided a highly professional public relations approach to the Toy and Game Expo. She achieved high levels of engagement for the Expo through print and television media. Her approach ensured each engagement with the media was thoroughly planned and ran smoothly.

Charles Bishop

co-convenor of the Toy and Game Expo

We couldn’t be happier with the relationship we’ve built and would recommend Pure Public Relations to any business looking for deep strategic communications thinking and a results-driven approach.

Hannah Maskrey

Marketing Manager at Mood Media Australia

Pure Public Relations has been a vital part of our business since we started working together in early 2017. Phoebe and the team immediately understood both our business and our challenges. They knew where our potential customers were and how to reach them. We’ve had some impressive media coverage in influential publications, newspapers and television. They’ve helped us craft our innovation story and provided a vehicle to share it with our stakeholders.

Hannah Maskrey

Marketing Manager at Mood Media Australia
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