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No one invites a crisis or negative media attention, but when it happens, you need to act swiftly and with a strategic focus. Priority needs to be given to honesty, compassion and responsibility, as well as protecting your organisation and reputation.

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Reputation and trust are the pillars of a strong business, and can often take years, if not decades, to nurture. Unfortunately, a crisis can unravel all of this hard work in the space of a few hours. The consequences can be dire, from staff walkouts to a major dent in your bottom line. And if the media gets a whiff of the story, the damage can increase exponentially.

While a crisis might feel like the end of the world, the good news is that there’s actually a lot you can do ahead of time to soften the blow. If you can properly prepare before the crisis rears its head, you’ll be far less likely to suffer fatal damage when it strikes.

With a media crisis plan in place, your team will know exactly what to do, where to speak, and how to move forward when facing a potential disaster.

Specialist management when you need it most

Pure Public Relations offer specialist urgent issues management and crisis communication, from dealing with media attention through to communicating with key stakeholders and managing threats to your reputation.

Pure Public Relations can help your business or organisation be prepared with a PR crisis plan. To discuss your issues management needs or to obtain examples of issues management in public relations
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