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How to avoid looking like a bad politician in media interviews

Election time is always an opportunity to observe how politicians handle media enquiries and perform in interviews. Often political media interviews are boring or frustrating to watch, but sometimes the results are even painful to watch, fun to share with others for laughs, shocking or just plain embarrassing.

But how can a small business owner give a media interview that doesn’t have the same negative result that many political interviews have?

Part 1: Getting media savvy – What should you say when a journalist calls?

Do you know what to do if a journalist calls you? What about if you decide that you are tired of seeing your competitor receiving all the great coverage – would you know where to start? Did you know that what might be interesting to many people that you speak with about your business, might not actually be interesting to the media?

This is Part One in a five-part series that will cover some of the basics to improve your media know-how.

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