New Tech Network Australia


New Tech Network Australia (NTNA) is a school development organisation that supports primary and secondary schools across Australia to make them more innovative using new teaching methods. 

Its rapidly growing network consists of schools that use engaging, rigorous and student-centred teaching practices to develop the whole student through a proven model of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Problem-Based Learning (PrBL). There are 10,000 students studying at NTNA schools across Australia. 


NTNA wanted to share the positive impacts of its program in an effort to extend its school network and enhance its reputation in the education sector, as well as encouraging teachers, parents and the wider community to explore their innovative teaching methods.  

One of the NTNA’s aims is to dramatically change the face of teaching. Rather than have a teacher churn out information at the front of the class while students ‘tune out’, the teacher sits alongside the students as they work cooperatively, tackling real-life projects.  

Pure Public Relations devised and pitched a diverse range of newsworthy angles to targeted industry and mainstream media to secure coverage. Our tactic was to identify case studies that demonstrated tangible results, along with bigger picture thinking around the way this learning model is changing the future of education for both students and teachers.    


Our results included solid coverage in industry and mainstream media, demonstrating NTNA’s high-level skill and experience in their area of expertise. This included coverage in: 

  • The Adelaide Advertiser
  • The Educator 
  • Education HQ 
  • Mama Mag 
  • Kiddipeddia
  • Education Review podcast
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