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Jen Bishop: The Interiors Addict

How Jen Bishop turned an addiction into a business

At home with business: Jen Bishop on building a career from passion. We ask Jen about the success of The Interiors Addict, Australia’s biggest interior design and renovating blog. Jen started the blog in 2011 and it now draws a readership of more than 100,000 per month, with an impressive revenue.

Quiet achievers: how to use slow periods to grow your business

Every business goes through a quiet patch. Whether it’s seasonal downtime, like an ice cream vendor in winter, or a weak business pipeline, quiet periods can actually be a good time to reflect on and reinvigorate your business. Use slow periods as opportunities to prepare your business for growth.

Brace yourself for growth in the new year

In a growth period, a small business will suffer if there is a lack of consistency, systems, processes, outsourcing and customer care. If you do not have these areas under control mistakes will be made, existing clients may feel neglected, your workload will not be sustainable, and you will not encourage long-term growth.

Small businesses should see quieter periods such as the Christmas break as opportunities to prepare their business for growth.

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