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How the new Minister for Small Business will impact you

Yet another Federal Minister for Small Business has been named, along with a new parliamentary secretary for small business. Phoebe Netto was interviewed by Fairfax to hear her perspective on the impact on small business as a result of the appointment of Gary Gray as small business minister and Bernie Ripoll as parliamentary secretary for small business.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

[blockquote text=” Phoebe Netto is the owner of a small business, Good Business Consulting, whose clients are also small businesses. She can’t see how the new appointments will benefit businesses.

“With the [minister’s] large portfolio of resources, energy, tourism and small business, the small business community has every right to be concerned it will be misunderstood and largely overlooked,; says Netto.

“The majority of Australian businesses are small and certainly deserve to be understood and supported, with every effort made to ease the challenges faced by small business owners. While Bernie Ripoll has owned his own small business, it remains to be seen if these new appointments will translate into benefits for small businesses,; she adds.
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What are your thoughts on the impact that these new appointments have for small business in Australia? What do you want from a Small Business Minister?

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