How to create or change a habit

Chances are that in every single day there is at least one habit that you would like to change or a new habit that you would like to create. That might be changing a bad habit such as checking your emails every 15min, reaching for something sweet at 3pm, forgetting to return phone calls, or leaving things until the last minute. Or you might want to create a new habit of doing your book-keeping each week rather than leaving it to the end of a quarter, regularly following up sales leads, consistently blogging or finishing work earlier.

Regardless of what the habit is that you want to change or create, it will only happen if it is deliberate and planned in advance. You might find these flow charts helpful to see the process that you should follow to change habits and create new ones.

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How to create a new habit

How to change a habit

Images from The Power of Habit (book), courtesy of Random House.

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