Is your business on track six months into 2012?

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Look at the calendar. Can you believe it is halfway through 2012? Yes, time flies when you are having fun – or are stressed to the max trying to run a successful business!

Are you happy with where your business is and what it has accomplished in half a year? Did you reach the goals you expected to reach?

Julia Bickerstaff has a great exercise for business owners to take a few hours out to do. It will help you review the first half of this year and give you guidance on what needs to change for an even more successful second half of the year:

What to do


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  11. Finally, if you really want to keep on track, find a business buddy. Catch up with your buddy once a month and tell them how you are progressing on your goals. This little bit of accountability is so easy to do, and works surprisingly well.


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Why don’t you take a moment to share what you are proud of achieving in your business so far this year and what your plans are for the rest of 2012.

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