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The Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi) is a not-for-profit peak body for psychologists. Its primary goal is to address inequality in the profession and represent all psychologists and their clients equally to government and funding bodies.


On behalf of AAPi, Pure Public Relations advocates for and promotes equitable access for the Australian public to professional psychological services funded under the current Medicare Better Access Scheme. In a crowded space already owned by major spokespeople, we needed to bring AAPi to the fore and cement their authority on the industry and mental health.  

We do this through a combination of media relations, government relations, member communications, advocacy work, and communicating with a broad range of stakeholders.

The issues that Pure Public Relations communicates on behalf of AAPi are complex and technical, such as different areas of practice, endorsement, and registration, as well as different rebate tiers.


Prior to Pure Public Relations becoming AAPi’s PR partner, the Australian community were not aware of AAPi and its message was not approachable or easily understood. 

Through influential media coverage and government relations, Pure Public Relations has seen legislative changes made on behalf of AAPi. Consistent member communications and a grassroots campaign to mobilise member voices has seen member numbers grow and increased public support of AAPi’s causes. 

AAPi has been featured in major news media, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online publications across Australia.

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