Elladex (formerly The Remarkable Woman)


Elladex, formerly known as The Remarkable Woman, is a pioneering force in Australia’s professional landscape. Led by founder and CEO Shivani Gopal, Elladex introduces a groundbreaking concept – a ‘digital Rolodex designed to empower women’s personal, professional, and financial growth’. 

This tech-based mentor marketplace thrives on connecting mentors and mentees, offering invaluable daily learning, networking, and mentoring opportunities essential for modern professional women.

Pure Public Relations played a pivotal role in elevating Elladex’s profile and amplifying its message. We achieved this by employing a strategic approach that encompassed media relations, content development, and targeted outreach.

Our efforts centred around securing Elladex and its founder, Shivani Gopal, prominent coverage in leading publications and media outlets. By crafting compelling narratives and leveraging our network of media contacts, we successfully established Elladex as a prominent app for women who want to grow their personal, professional, and financial skills.

Our targeted, strategic campaign solidified Elladex’s position as a thought leader in women’s professional growth by achieving prominent coverage in renowned media outlets. This coverage included but was not limited to: 

  • Channel 7 
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Age
  • The Sunday Telegraph 
  • Women’s Health (print)
  • CEO Magazine 
  • Body & Soul 
  • Curveball podcast 
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