Pirelli Powergy Unveil - Sydney


Pure conducted public relations around the launch of Pirelli’s latest tyre, Powergy, and to also celebrate its 150 year anniversary as a business. Since the pandemic, it had been years since Pirelli had held an in-person media event in Australia. 

We developed the PR around a media lunch event to launch the tyre, which included technical experts from Pirelli speaking. This included increasing the awareness of the brand’s technical performance. 

Pure developed media relationships between key Pirelli staff and Australian media outlets, along with media pitching across automotive and men’s media. Pure invited top media to a Sydney media event and supported the development of positive media coverage. 

Pure also developed key media materials including media releases, expert commentary, a backgrounder and media pitches.


Despite major flooding and ongoing disruption as a result of the pandemic, Pure persevered and oversaw a successful media event. Within a tight timeframe of a matter of weeks, the team liaised during and after the event to secure media coverage, future media opportunities and bigger picture features. 

Successful positive media coverage, with an estimated reach of 500,000, focused on Pirelli’s new Powergy tires, helping to keep Pirelli top of mind with key media. Relationships were formed with journalists who had never connected with Pirelli before, giving a foot in the door for additional future media coverage.

Media coverage included:

  • The Australian
  • Drive (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, 9)
  • Which Car
  • Carsales
  • GoAuto
  • And more 
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