Venerdi is a family-owned, New Zealand-based business that creates delicious, wholesome, and nutritious gluten-free bread products. Their bespoke recipes are designed to rival that of regular bread, allowing health-conscious or gluten-sensitive people to enjoy their eating experience while managing their dietary requirements.

Venerdi approached Pure Public Relations with the goal of increasing brand awareness within Australia and generating valuable marketing assets. While the gluten-free bread market is oversaturated and highly competitive, Venerdi’s unique selling point is its product range that mimics regular bread in taste, texture, and variety.

Consumer research revealed that gluten-free bread products were known to be dry, dense, and not particularly nutritious. With this in mind, Pure Public Relations worked with Venerdi to establish brand recognition amongst Australian consumers who had a preference or need for gluten-free bread but who often felt limited by the choices available. This was achieved by focusing on recipe development and product placement in key media publications throughout the country.

Pure Public Relations developed an ambassador campaign with Venerdi. To establish Venerdi as a preferred brand in the minds of consumers, we enlisted the help of a local nutritionist, mum, and influential content creator. This campaign demonstrated how gluten-free bread could be used to create a variety of healthy and delicious meals, with a focus on recipes that both children and adults will love.

Pure Public Relations worked with Venerdi to establish key relationships with Australian media outlets through the use of articles, reviews, recipes, product placements, and announcements. We achieved significant results in a competitive market that brought Venerdi to the forefront of Australian consumers’ minds.

Venerdi achieved coverage in a wide range of publications, including but not limited to:

  • Woman’s Day
  • New Idea
  • New Idea Food
  • Body + Soul
  • Kidspot
  • Gluten-Free Foodie
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