Men's dress shoe with gold feature, is a feature product for a small or medium sized business, but it is not likely to be a high quantity seller. Used in blog post by Good Business Consulting advising on stock management that benefits cashflow.

Better stock management improves your cash flow

Having the correct stock levels means you’re not paying for slow-moving stock to sit on the shelf and you can therefore invest in the items that are bringing you better sales. On the flip side, it means you don’t run out of your best sellers and risk losing customers. Getting the timing of this right does require some forethought, so here are the things to consider.

Where you could be letting your business down

When you consider that you have just as many opportunities to create a fantastic image for your business as you have to create a poor image, you can see why it is so important to have a well thought-out marketing plan that takes into account all of these opportunities in a logical way.

You’d be letting your business down if you didn’t.

How to compel people to do business with you

When marketing your business you are ultimately asking them to do business with you. You are virtually approaching strangers and asking them for their money.

With this in mind, you cannot assume that because people see an advertisement for your business that they are going to part with their money and give it to you.

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