Where you could be letting your business down

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More facets of your business fall into the category of marketing and public relations than you might think.

For example, did you know that the following are all part of marketing or public relations:

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  • Staff uniform
  • Business cards
  • Answering machine message
  • Customer service
  • Email signature
  • Your packaged offerings
  • Social media use
  • Your reputation
  • Website
  • Reception area
  • Ease of sales process
  • Signage


All of these have the ability to impact decision making when it comes to people:

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  • forming an opinion of you and your business,
  • considering to do business with you,
  • putting a value to your business (this is important when it comes to discussing how much your offering is worth), or
  • feeling confident about referring you to others.


Many people make the mistake of only focusing their marketing resources on a few more obvious tactics such as advertising, outdoor signs or email campaigns with little regard to the big picture as well as all the aspects that influence your clients and potential clients.

When you consider that you have just as many opportunities to create a fantastic image for your business as you have to create a poor image, you can see why it is so important to have a well thought-out marketing plan that takes into account all of these opportunities in a logical way.

You’d be letting your business down if you didn’t.

Do you agree?

Have you seen the impact that paying attention to some of the less obvious aspects of marketing and public relations has?

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