What being a small business leader means to me

I’ve never been one for telling the world of my successes, although it’s something I regularly remind my clients to do more of every day.

So, in the spirit of listening to my own advice: I was recently named as one of Inside Small Business’ Top 50 Small Business Leaders, and was shortlisted for B&T’s Women in Media in the PR category.

I established Pure Public Relations in 2010 to support businesses that deserve some time in the spotlight for the work they do.

I have learned something incredibly important since the early days of the business. And that is: only when you surround yourself with people who are better at many things than you are, will you experience significant growth, fulfilling work, and results that make an exponential difference in people’s lives. 

We choose to work with businesses that are passionate about making meaningful differences and benefiting the people around them. Even our more product or lifestyle-based consumer clients operate in a way that
leaves people better off than they found them.

I am very grateful to be working with clients and a team who bring their best, who bring care, compassion, brilliance and experience to what they do – because they are the difference between good and great.

This ensures the business is always bigger than me, and I am not limiting its growth and longevity.

Because you’re only as good as the people you work with.

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