What type of businesses are best suited to April Fools’ Day?

Not all brands can get away with fun, and if your brand has never injected fun, cheekiness or humour into its messaging and approach,
this is not the time to start. Whatever marketing efforts you are conducting, they should always stay true to your brand – and the same is true for April Fools’ Day.

If you are going to give it a go, fully commit to doing it well. Incorporate multiple channels or assets into the idea, beyond writing a media release.

Make it shareable, and consider if you can leverage it into a longer-term campaign. For example, if there is demand for your ‘fake’ idea, perhaps that can be used as market research that informs a new brand concept, product or service.

Can you create a dedicated web page or gamified campaign, competition, media and customer gifting program, or another kind of interactive initiative?

Equally, if the idea alone is strong enough to have cut-through, simplicity can work well.

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