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AI is shaping our future, but don’t underestimate the human touch

Phoebe Netto, the founder and managing director of Pure Public Relations, has penned an article for Women Leading Tech on the profound impact AI will have on our work and daily lives.

She argues that AI may threaten some jobs, particularly those providing mediocre or repetitive services. However, for professionals offering high-quality, valuable services, Phoebe believes AI can be an ally when used responsibly.

By offloading mundane tasks, AI acts as a virtual assistant, allowing individuals to focus on creativity, strategic thinking, and intuition. AI doesn’t replace human judgment, cultural sensitivities, or emotional depth, and it can’t replicate the profound human experiences that give birth to great work.

She argues that AI can lay the groundwork, but it’s humans who breathe life, wisdom, and soul into it. AI can analyse data, but humans possess the ability to infuse it with their unique experiences and brilliance. Embrace the partnership between AI and human creativity, allowing each to excel in their own domain.

Read the article in full here.

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