Customer service

Creating an emotional appeal for your business

It is well-known that to influence people to change their behaviour, you need to appeal to them on an emotional level or apply the “what’s in it for me” principle. In other words, people need to work with both intellect and emotions. Either one on its own is like rowing a boat with only one oar.

Great expectations

Setting expectations early on in a business transaction is critical. It’s not just about letting the customer know what they can expect for their money, it’s also about giving them peace of mind, setting the tone and keeping them informed throughout the entire process.

Read about what a steak shop can teach us about managing expectations…

Small business lessons from successful business owners: Part 1

What makes a business successful? According to Google, over 110,000 people search for an answer to this question every month. So we have gone to some of the Australians who are experiencing success in their small businesses and have asked them to share their advice and experiences with you.

Brace yourself for growth in the new year

In a growth period, a small business will suffer if there is a lack of consistency, systems, processes, outsourcing and customer care. If you do not have these areas under control mistakes will be made, existing clients may feel neglected, your workload will not be sustainable, and you will not encourage long-term growth.

Small businesses should see quieter periods such as the Christmas break as opportunities to prepare their business for growth.


What David Jones and Click Frenzy can teach small business

The lead up to Christmas is traditionally one of the busiest periods for retailers. This year, however, online sales in Australia have been poor, and some businesses have managed to do more harm than good to their reputations by hosting a string of disastrous online sales. What can small businesses learn from two recent online sale disasters?

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