5 communication tactics to improve customer experience – Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we identified three ways in which business owners can reinvigorate customer interactions by focussing on implementing a communications strategy right from the very start. But how can you take the customer experience one step further after the initial sale?

4. Take note of feedback

Make it standard business practice to ask for and listen to customer feedback. Not only does this demonstrate to customers that their opinion matters, it gives you a free and valuable insight into your market. You can use this to improve your product/service and everything about your business, from image, branding and messaging, to customer service and delivery.

Be aware that you will occasionally receive negative feedback. In such cases, thank your customers for their honesty and take steps to resolve the issue by acknowledging your mistake and communicating the process you’ll put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If a problem is solved to a customer’s satisfaction, this can sometimes be a better result than pleasing them in the first place as you have demonstrated a willingness to listen and act according to their feedback.

5. Surprise and delight your customers

Provide thoughtful and unexpected interaction with your customers. Many businesses limit their customer communication to responding to enquiries and sending out invoices. Communications should instead be less transaction dependent and more geared towards building a relationship.

Ask yourself: ‘how can I personalise my relationship with my top customers?’ A hand-written ‘thank you’ note or a small gift is not part of a contract, but for a small cost it can make a big impact. When a customer feels valued, it enhances the total customer experience and creates a sense of loyalty and belonging.

Communication is an essential part of a customer’s experience. Don’t restrict engagement to a sales transaction. Make sure you continue to invest in customers before and after they purchase your product or service to encourage them to become ambassadors for your business.

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