Appearances matter in business, including first impressions and your online reputation, making PR necessary

Best dressed, first in: Why appearances matter in business

Even if the inside of a house is beautiful and well-built, an overgrown and neglected front lawn says, “Who knows what else in the house is maintained with the same lack of care as the grass?” I think of this in relation to businesses that take the attitude ‘my work should speak for itself’. In a perfect world it should, but it doesn’t.

Pure Public Relations client, Yfoundations marks Youth Homelessness Matters Day in Sydney with NFP PR

How PR differs between not-for-profits and businesses

PR is frequently viewed as a service for big businesses, but there are many ways in which it can help NFPs. This often looks different compared to the way PR operates for business, but in the end the main objective is the same: PR can help any organisation build and maintain a good reputation.

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