Don’t ditch the pitch, disrupt the pitch… or yourself 

For years, ‘ditch the pitch’ has been a battle cry heard throughout the advertising industry, with many top executives from influential companies leading the charge.

Despite the fanfare, agencies are hesitant to ditch the pitch once and for all – even with research showing that millions of dollars and countless hours are being spent with little to show for it.

So what’s the solution? In a recent Mumbrella article, I spoke about the decision to ‘flip the pitch’ rather than ditch it altogether. One way some agencies can do this is to agree on revenue terms prior to starting work, however, there are various ways that pitching can be optimised to better suit a business’s needs.

For example, Pure Public Relations chooses not to pitch and is living proof that a structure and strategy based around that model can work. We stay in our lane and guarantee media results – so we only go after clients that we can do this for.

Read the full article about how advertising agencies can flip the pitch rather than ditching it entirely on Mumbrella.

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