‘No one ad is going to shift volume’: Why marketing is a long-haul game

Phoebe Netto interviews Anubha Shasrabuddhe

No one ad is going to ‘seal the deal’ where it matters, and brands need to instead focus on both consideration and conversion simultaneously. 

That’s according to Lion CMO Anubha Sahasrabuddhe, who participated in a standing room only fireside chat with Pure Public Relations’ Phoebe Netto at Mumbrella360.

During the talk, Anubha admitted that no one ad is ever going to be enough to shift real volume, saying: “You need to seal the deal where it matters which is [for Lion] either in a Dan Murphy’s or in the bar.”

Instead, Anubha says “it’s about connecting the dots between provoking consideration for the brand thanks to the power of your message, or insight and then converting it through the line.”

Or, what she calls the ‘sexy bottom end of the funnel’. 

Anubha’s message reminds us to stay grounded when we release that media relations program, the latest ad campaign or a new piece of content. Brand and reputation building are long-term processes, and aren’t going to be won or lost in a single stroke. 

The key is to stay consistent over time, in order to build that all-important trust with your chosen audience.

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