Mind Blank


Mind Blank is a mental health promotion charity that educates young people about help-seeking methods for mental health issues and suicide-prevention through interactive theatre. The not-for-profit came to Pure Public Relations for help with its PR efforts, and we responded with a budget-friendly offering that punched above its weight.


With a not-for-profit, every cent counts. The team behind Mind Blank are articulate and savvy, meaning we were able to provide them with the tools to do much of the work themselves. Thanks to their positive, self-starting attitude, we were able to create a sustainable PR model that didn’t break the bank.

We designed a media release template for Mind Blank to send out when their productions come to a specific area, along with a universal ‘company explainer’ (boilerplate) to insert at the end of every release. We gave advice for tailoring and personalising media releases, including how best to send news and who to send it to, along with some pointers for fine-tuning a release to a specific location.

This gave Mind Blank the ability to utilise the power of local news – a more effective and practical PR strategy for a company where ‘local’ is its bread and butter. Advice was also provided on what to do if a journalist calls, and how to handle any enquiries or opportunities that might eventuate.

As part of the overall comms strategy, it was important to boost the profile of the organisation’s leaders. A bio was created for the company’s founder, Ally Kelly, in order to align all messaging and boost her profile.

We also created an informative backgrounder, sponsorship toolkit, and school information kit; all of which Mind Blank could utilise with multiple different stakeholders, not just media. A Q&A section was provided to answer commonly asked questions, thereby reducing friction as potential customers enter the research phase.

Pure Public Relations continues to provide ad-hoc media relations and PR support as and when it’s required.

Pure Public Relations are a great team to work with. They are understanding of small business needs, and experienced in business growth phases. Phoebe and her team are extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone requiring assistance with their PR!

Ally Kelly, CEO at Mind Blank
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