Small business guide to social media

I was recently asked by Anthony Caruana, editor of Journo Advice to write an article on how small businesses including sole operators can use social media to grow their business.

Freelancers, sole operators and small-to-medium business owners can reach countless potential customers and advocates for their business by using social media well.

This guest post written for Journo Advice will give you guidelines on how to make the most of this opportunity.

Part One:

Part Two:

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  • What is your business experience with social media been like?
  • How has social media benefited your business?


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3 thoughts on “Small business guide to social media”

  1. Sally Foley-Lewis

    I have secured work through social media, so I am all for it for business, engagement, conversation, learning, sharing, connecting!

    I know I could do a lot more to streamline my social media presence (in a visual sense and possibly even more sales).

    I have received lots of great positive feedback from people who enjoy the way I ‘behave’ on SM: not overly personal yet get a great sense of ‘Sally’… so I feel I have a good balance and I am a bit anxious about adding more sales to the mix. I’d hate to put off all the fantastic people I now enjoy engaging with! Balance!

    Sally | Fast Track Manager Productivity

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