How to train customer relations staff

Small business collaborative meeting

Whether or not you’re in a business where idebarerving customers is the main game, customer relations is an incredibly important part of your brand and operations. How your staff treat customers can say a lot about your business and can even win and lose customers. So make sure your staff are saying the right thing about your business with their customer relations.

Have your staff involved in a collaborative process to list the behaviour they believe should be exhibited by a good ambassador for your business, and then brainstorm ways for the team to better embody that.

Once you have their buy in, the next step is to:


  1. Develop customer relations policies
  2. Create scripts and templates
  3. Train staff with the right skills
  4. Give feedback
  5. Encourage valuable customer contact
  6. Be a model to your staff


How do you do that? Read the full article here.

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