Part Two: Abandon the spam approach, and save money

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Target your perfect customer

This post is continued from Part One: Abandon the spam approach, and save money.

Thinking about changing your approach to focus on niche groups?

The following exercise is an easy way to start:

Identify your ideal customer. This should be based on a number of factors including your business objectives, level of reward for your time, expense and effort, and opportunities for longevity or future growth.

Then describe that ideal customer in a tangible way:

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  • Give them a name, age, gender and address. Even find a picture of a person that embodies these characteristics to help you visualise your targets.
  • What does this ideal customer do for a living?
  • What are their interests and needs? What are the deciding factors when they are considering your product or service?
  • What do they need (online news, blogs, newspapers, magazines, e-newsletters etc), watch (YouTube, television) and listen to (radio, podcasts)?
  • What are their spending habits?


[blockquote text=”Now use all these factors to determine how you reach this ideal customer, get their attention and win their clientele and loyalty.
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Let me know how you go – I’d be happy to help.

How has this kind of thinking about your ideal customer helped your business so far?

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4 thoughts on “Part Two: Abandon the spam approach, and save money”

  1. Great points Phoebe!

    If your like me, this “ideal customer” may change over time as you find you’re groove and open yourself up to new potential markets.

    Bear in mind though, as important as it is finding that “perfect customer” – Make sure that you don’t alienate your other potential customers.

    – Jake

  2. Staying focused on our ideal customers keeps us within our vision & makes a bigger impact in our community. Doing what we do best allows others freedom to do what they do best.

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