Go direct to your customer to make your marketing more effective


People are increasingly less interested in what is sold to the masses. They want direct engagement and to have their needs and specific interests addressed.

Knowing this, it is much more effective to target specialised markets and individuals with common interests, than it is to take what I like to call, the ‘spam approach’ or to ‘spray and pray’. This is where a small business targets the largest audience that their budget will allow, and then hopes that out of the masses will be a handful of people who notice their marketing and feel it applies to them.

This will only work if your brand or business offering applies to a mass audience or if your budget allows you to do so. However, for most small-to-medium sized businesses and not-for-profits, this is simply not realistic or financially feasible.

Instead, eliminate waste in your marketing by really knowing your ideal client. It is foolish to aim toward having your business appear on the front of a magazine or being active on a certain social media platform, if it is not a key watering hole where your ideal customers meet and or are influenced by.

By focusing on your ideal client and their specific interests and needs, and being present in their particular world, you are strengthening your marketing efforts. For example, this includes being connected to your ideal client’s influencers, being visible in their preferred media outlets and online hang-outs, and talking their language.

So take a moment to reassess your ideal client and how you can directly target that specialised market or individual. Your marketing budget will thank you, and your efforts will be more effective.

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