Gutsy marketing

I recently read a great blog post by Siimon Reynolds called ‘Marketing with Balls’. It takes guts to be clear in your marketing and very specific and deliberate in how you position yourself.

Siimon’s post starts off saying:

“Last night I walked past one of the most extraordinary pieces of marketing I’ve ever seen.

It was a sign advertising a Sushi restaurant nearby.

The sign had no enticing picture of the food, or rave reviews from customers. All it said was the following…”

Read the rest of the article here:


Would love to hear your thoughts on this kind of gutsy marketing.

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  • Have they taken it too far or is it the kind of smart marketing that every small business should have?


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2 thoughts on “Gutsy marketing”

  1. I like this type of marketing, so long as when I got up there (on the 2nd floor) the restaurant and it’s offerings did match the signage*. As consumers (and b2b) we have to wade through lots of offerings and so to have a refreshingly gutsy, what I would call, ‘down to earth’ sign (marketing) is cool and mighty fine by me 😉

    {*If it didn’t match I’d be inclined to tweet/fb about how mis-matched and ‘dishonest’ they were.}

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